StellarMark C-Series Laser Marker Mobile Header
Optional Items
Mark on fly feature for laser markers.
Improve and speed up your productivity with non stop "on the fly" marking. Mark objects on a conveyor belt at a constant or varying speed.
RoHS compliance.
All GCC laser engravers are RoHS-compliant (the European Parliament Directive 2002/ 95/ EC, Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and lead-free (pb free).
StellarMark complies with the essential safety requirement which set out in the European Directives.
Wobble marking feature to create true text on laser marker.
This sill allow the true type text to be marked with thicker line.
Jump cross feature on laser marker to avoid overlapping.
With this feature you can avoid over burning problems when you overlap lines in the same character
Pyramid shaped focus tool for laser marker.
The pyramid focus tool helps you find the best working distance for your jobs.
Automatic serial marking on laser marker.
You can increase or decrease the serial part number automatically with this feature.
Barcode and QR code capabilities on laser markers.
14 types of 1D and 5 types of 2D barcodes (Data Matrix, PDF417, QR Code and Maxi Code) are available.
G-Mark Library software for laser marker
This programmable software can be used to customize functions by using VB scripts. All the commands are received in real time from a master PC and position to offsets, rotating angles and sequential marking can be easily set up.
Array copy feature for laser markers.
Be able to quickly create multiple copies of a design to be rendered in a matrix format.
Error notifications for laser markers.
Detailed error messages appear when your laser marker encounters and issue. Also providing instruction on how to possibly solve the error.
Password protection for production line of laser marker.
Be able to restrict unauthorized access on the production line. There are three tiers that are operator, programmer, and administrator.
Preview mode feature on laser marker.
Variable-speed, red dot pointer "preview" mode performs accurate and easy marking positioning on the marked part.
Example of imaged made with laser markers.
Be able to raster images up to 1000 dpi utilizing the beam expander.
Automatic Z-Axis table for Laser Markers
Be able to better focus your work table with an electronic Z axis.
Rotary attachment for laser markers.
The rotary attachment allows you to engrave on cylindrical or round objects. *The unit flexibly accommodates objects with external diameters up to 81 mm, internal diameters up to 70 mm, and weight up to 5kg.*
EZ Stand for C-Series Laser Marker
The supporting pin kit holds up your objects to prevent it from falling as well as reduce the possibility of reflecting laser hitting your object. It also has as dial that allows you adjust the position of the laser marker to obtain your desired focal distance.
Fire Retardant Safety Door
UL No. E919153 Fire retardant class:
Class 94HB

Slow horizontal burning on a 3mm thick specimen with a burning rate is less than 3"/min or stops burning before the 5" mark. H-B rated materials are considered "self-extinguishing".

-Fire retardant PC (Polycarbonate) material is adopted by Stellar Mark C-Series's safety shield to ensure user's safety.

- Safety interlock is designed to ensure that laser is working only when the safety door is closed.
Mounting Platform for Laser Markers
The Stellar Mark C-12II / 30II can be fastened to a strong mounting structure to help ensure that the marking system and adjustable Z-axis table are parallel to each other for quality jobs.
LFC II laser marker workstation.
An industrial workstation that keeps your safety a top priority.
StellarMark C-Series Laser Marker Spec Sheet