StellarMark 3DS Laser Marker Mobile Header
Optional Items
3D scan capabilities for StellarMark 3DS laser marker.
Be able to mark cylinder objects with the StellarMark 3DS three axis scan head.
StellarMark 3DS laser marker build.
The all in one design of the StellarMark 3DS allows for easy integration into the production line.
Emergency stop button on StellarMark 3DS laser marker.
Be able to stop the laser marker operations immediately with a prominent emergency stop button.
Key switch on StellarMark 3DS laser marker.
The key switch on the StellarMark 3DS allows you to control the mode of your laser marker to avoid any tampering.
Pyramid shaped focus tool for laser marker.
The pyramid focus tool helps you find the best working distance for your jobs.
Work area for StellarMark 3DS laser marker.
The 300 x 300mm working area allows for large objects and a multitude of applications.
Multifocus feature on laser marker.
MultiFOCUS allows you to set multiple focus distances and it will adjust automatically to speed up your work process.
Rotary attachment for laser markers.
The rotary attachment allows you to engrave on cylindrical or round objects. *The unit flexibly accommodates objects with external diameters up to 81 mm, internal diameters up to 70 mm, and weight up to 5kg.*
EZ stand for laser markers.
The EZ stand allows you to set up quickly by holding your laser marker. It works with all StellarMark series.
LFC D laser marker workstation.
A compact and simple workstation that ensures operators safety.
LFC II laser marker workstation.
An industrial workstation that keeps your safety a top priority.
StellarMark 3DS Laser Marker Spec Sheet