S400 Laser Engraver Mobile Header
Optional Items
Example of CO2 and Fiber engraving
The S400 along with Hybrid technology allows you to install both CO2 and Fiber dual lasers in one system to help you expand your business
S400 laser engraver pass through front and rear doors.
The S400 Laser Engraver allows front and rear opening doors so you can load long workpieces comfortably without worry.
S400 laser engraver carriage
The S400 Laser Engraver has a processing speed of 140 IPS along with powerful DC servo motors that boosts productivity while still maintaining the accuracy you desire.
S400 laser engraver easy access.
Be able to easily maintenance your S400 with SmartLid Easy Access.
SmartACT laser engraver feature
SmartAct with improve your productivity as it reduces the ramping process and job running time.
S400 laser engraver smart flow technology
SmartFlow Technology creates a perfect vacuum effect allowing your machine to be dust free.
S400 laser engraver smart seal technology.
SmartSeal technology prevents dust and easier maintenance to your laser engraver.
S400 laser engraver LED lights.
Allows you to see your working area clearly in any type of work environment.
S400 laser engraver touch screen control panel.
Making changes to your settings, jobs, and working area with just a touch on the 4" touch screen.
S400 laser engraver driver interface.
A new design to allow any user easy access and navigation through your workflow.
S400 laser engraver dust prevention.
The S400 utilizes metal panels to protect key components on your laser engraver to ensure long term durability.
Laser machine stamp mode.
The S400 allows you to make stamps quickly and with ease.
S400 laser engraver smart eyes feature.
SmartEyes CCD enables you to capture your working area with a high quality camera enabling you to positin your work with accuracy and precision.
Laser machine rotary attachment.
The rotary attachment allows you to engrave on cylindrical or round objects such as cups, wine glasses, or even baseballs. *The minimum/maximum diameter and length of the working object are 7 mm / 150 mm and 650 mm respectively. Its maximum weight should not exceed 4kgs.*
Laser machine smart vision CCD.
SmartVision CCD is able to memorize, learn, and locate any printed graphics to perform contour cutting.

*The working area will be changed to 840mm X 610mm (33" x 24") after installing the SmartVISION™ Pro CCD
Laser machine rotary chuck.
The rotary chuck is very similar to the rotary attachment allowing you to engrave on round objects 360o but the diameter range of the to-be-engraved object is 0.5 mm to 120 mm and the max. length of the object is 410 mm. Its maximum weight should not exceed 4 kgs.
Laser machine stack light set for laser operation safety.
The stack light is set is perfect for work environments where audibility is very low.
Red light stands for “Error”; Green light stands for “ Stand-by”; Yellow light stands for “Machine is working / Insert the pass-through door key”

(This item is available for machine with 5272 V3 Mainboard and afterwards)
Quatro fume extractor.
The Quatro fume extraction system is specifically designed to prevent users from possibly inhaling hazardous fumes and dust generated during the process of cutting or engraving your materials.
Laser machine air compressor.
An air compressor will help your mirrors and lens last longer as it helps eliminate harmful side effects of moisture on your machines optics.
Laser machine smart guard fire alarm.
SmartGuard assures user safety. If any malfunction occurs, the alarm system will activate and shut down any operation immediately.
Laser machine honeycomb table.
The honeycomb table allows you to achieve a better cutting quality creating clean cuts for your future projects.
S400 Spec Sheet