MG380 Hybrid Laser Engraver and Cutter Mobile Header
Optional Items
Dual laser tubes.
Get the benefit of precise engraving with the RF laser tube along with the low cost per wattage of the CO2 glass tube to be able to cut and engrave with ease.
RoHS compliance.
All GCC laser engravers are RoHS-compliant (the European Parliament Directive 2002/ 95/ EC, Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and lead-free (pb free).
MG380 Hybrid laser engraver and cutter pass through front and rear doors.
The pass through front to rear doors allows you to fit in longer pieces, allowing you to get bigger pieces done without the need of a screwdriver.
Laser machine closed loop DC servo motor.
The Mercury III utilizes closed-loop DC Servo motors that allow consistent power at higher speeds than a stepper motor of the same size, as well as increased accuracy.
Example of engraving quality.
Be able to engrave and cut with precision on the MG380 Hybrid.
Spirit series laser engraver carriage assembly.
Be able to easily customize your origin but just dragging your carriage where you desire and starting the job.
Laser machine safety key switch and emergency stop button.
The key switch allows you to safeguard your laser engraver from unauthorized users. Along with a prominent emergency stop button allowing you to immediately end all operation.
Spirit series laser engraver control panel.
The intuitive control panel allows you to easily make changes to jobs, parameters, and much more with just a press of a button.
Autofocus pin tool.
A plug and play auto focus pin that allows focusing on your object precisely as simple as one touch.
Laser machine smart box that improves quality.
The SmartBoxTM is for laser engravers and cutters that combines the ventilation box with a honeycomb or aluminum table that results in a more precise with sharp edges.
Laser machine rotary attachment.
The rotary attachment allows you to engrave on cylindrical or round objects such as cups, wine glasses, or even baseballs. *The minimum/maximum diameter and length of the working object are 7 mm / 150 mm and 650 mm respectively. Its maximum weight should not exceed 4kgs.*
Smart nozzle for laser machines.
The fine nozzle is recommended for engraving and cutting thin materials such as textile.
Entry level fume extraction system for laser machines.
GCC PA-1500FS & PA-1000FS, CE-certified fume extraction systems, are designed to remove hazardous fumes and dust during laser processing to protect the health of operators, eliminate environmental pollution and enhance laser engraving and cutting.
SmartPrint laser machine software.
SmartPRINTTM works with both Windows and Mac computers. It contains powerful functions, an easy to use interface, built in LaserPro parameters, and much more.
Quatro fume extractor.
The Quatro fume extraction system is specifically designed to prevent users from possibly inhaling hazardous fumes and dust generated during the process of cutting or engraving your materials.
Laser machine air compressor.
An air compressor will help your mirrors and lens last longer as it helps eliminate harmful side effects of moisture on your machines optics.
Laser machine smart guard fire alarm.
SmartGuard assures user safety. If any malfunction occurs, the alarm system will activate and shut down any operation immediately.
Laser machine honeycomb table.
The honeycomb table allows you to achieve a better cutting quality creating clean cuts for your future projects.
MG380 Hybrid laser engraver and laser cutter spec sheet.