FMC 280 Laser Cutter Mobile Header
Optional Items
Unique fiber laser source for the FMC 280 laser cutter.
Our Fiber laser source has a powerful cutting capability to enable you to handle up to 3mm thick stainless steel, aluminum, and copper.
RoHS compliance.
All GCC laser engravers are RoHS-compliant (the European Parliament Directive 2002/ 95/ EC, Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and lead-free (pb free).
Carriage assembly with autofocus on FMC 280 laser cutter.
The capacitive cutting head keeps a consistent length between the cutting head and your material to enable consistent cutting quality.
Laser machine closed loop DC servo motor.
The Mercury III utilizes closed-loop DC Servo motors that allow consistent power at higher speeds than a stepper motor of the same size, as well as increased accuracy.
Duraguide feature on FMC 280 laser cutter.
An advanced motion system reinforced with kevlar belts along with the closed loop servo motors combine to bring a superb engraving quality.
Drag and play feature on FMC 280 laser cutter.
Be able to easily customize your origin but just dragging your carriage where you desire and starting the job.
Key switch and emergency stop button for FMC 280 laser cutter.
The key switch allows you to safeguard your laser engraver from unauthorized users. Along with a prominent emergency stop button allowing you to immediately end all operation.
Control panel for FMC 280 laser cutter.
The intuitive control panel allows you to easily make changes to jobs, parameters, and much more with just a press of a button.
The automatic table movement can allow to load thick working objects and diversify the application possibility.
Collecting drawer on FMC 280 laser cutter.
Be able to take out your completed workpieces with ease and clean up any scrap with ease.
Ethernet port on laser machines.
Be able to control multiple lasers with one PC or use multiple PC's to control one laser engraver. You have the option of using a USB or Ethernet connection.
Internal LED lighting on FMC 280 laser cutter.
Illuminate your working area with a built in LED light to allow you to better see your work area.
Clamping device for FMC 280 laser cutter.
When cutting thin metals, it is possible they can be distroted by the heat and high pressure gas. The film clamping device with help prevent that by keeping your material flat.
Rotary chuck for S290LS laser engraver and FMC 280 laser cutter.
The rotary chuck allows for a fourth axis, enabling to engrave on objects 360o and cutting on spherical objects. The diameter range of the to-be-engraved object is 0.5mm to 120mm and the max. length of the object is 410mm. Its maximum weight should not exceed 4kgs.
Ultra nozzle for FMC 280 laser cutter.
The Ultra Nozzle adds assisted gas to your media when cutting thicket metals. Resulting in a clear cut and edge.
Magnetic picture for FMC 280 laser cutter.
Hold your workpiece down firmly by arranging the magnetic fixtures on your material.
Wi-Fi router for laser machines.
The Wi-Fi router allows you to transmit data through a wireless network. The Wi-Fi router can work with all of LaserPro's engravers.
FMC 280 laser cutter spec sheet.