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Laser Accessories

Dual Head Attachment

If you’re looking for practical laser engraving supplies, check out the dual head attachment. The dual head attachment will cut your production time in half! By splitting a single laser beam into two separate beams, you can engrave two identical products at the same time with the dual head attachment.

The quick-release, dual-head attachment is easily installed and removed to provide maximum production flexibility. The dual head attachment is extremely convenient to use. It’s so productive, that it’s like having another LaserPro laser system at only a fraction of the cost.

Compatibility : Explorer, Spirit Series (All)

Honeycomb Cutting Table

This Honeycomb Table is like no other table made for laser engraving or cutting. By using a uniquely designed cutting surface, cutting acrylic, wood, plastic, polycarbonate and rubber is easier than ever! The Honeycomb Table is designed for engraving medium to large items (Over 4″). When doing vector cutting put under the media to vent out heat and smoke.Compatibility : Explorer, Spirit Series (All)

Rotary Attachment

Allows the laser system to perform at another level! By using the rotary attachment, engraving on cylindrical or round objects is now possible. This option uses a fourth axis to rotate your object 360° to allow engraving on cups, wine glasses or even a baseball! The maximum diameter and length of the to-be-engraved object is 3.5″/90mm and 17.75″/450mm respectively. Its maximum weight should not exceed 15.5lb/7kg.Compatibility : Explorer, Spirit Series (All)

Odor Reduction System

State of the art, Odor Reduction System helps create a sphere of pure air for you and your workers. It neutralizes odors and dramatically reduces contaminates you breathe into your body. The Blower pulls vaporized particles, smoke and fumes out of the machine, to help keep lenses and mirrors clean to promote longer laser life. By drawing air out the machine and pushing odors through carbon pellets, it reduces the odor of your acrylic, wood, plastic and rubber stamp fumes, these items must be vented outside.Compatibility : All Laser Systems

Air Compressor

specifically designed Air Compressor for laser engravers, by using an oil-less diaphragm, you help eliminate the harmful and damaging side effects of moisture on the laser optics. Also, provides the optimal air pressure your laser needs to blow away vaporized particles and helps prevents overheating. A must to keep lenses and mirrors clean to promote longer laser life.Compatibility : All Laser Systems

SmartBOX ™

Cutting is one of the main applications of laser engravers, however, people inevitable face the same troubles that are back reflection, harsh (defective) cutting edge and the lack of stable material support. Since GCC LaserPro is committed to delivering outstanding customer satisfaction, thus our R&D team offers the total solution toward these shortages.

The innovative technology SmartBOX is a multi-purpose combination integrates the ventilation box with a honeycomb table and several magnetic support pieces.

The combination of the ventilation box and the magnetic support pieces was specially designed to deal with thick materials. You can manually adjust the positions of the support pieces according to the cutting path, which prevents materials from back reflection and offers secure support to the materials. Through the downside enhanced fume extraction capability, the result is an unbelievable precise cut with sharp edges.

Another combination of the honeycomb table and the ventilation box is particularly helpful to thin materials which require a flat support, such as textile, paper, card board and etc. The ventilation box serves as the vacuum of space to prevent unwanted material movement when working with light-weight materials. The benefits are precise focus, flame prevention and fabulous cutting results.

Compatibility : Spirit

Fire Retardent Safety Door

UL No. E919153 Fire retardant class: Class 94HB
Slow horizontal burning on a .125″/3mm thick specimen with a burning rate is less than 3″/min or stops burning before the 5″ mark. H-B rated materials are considered “self-extinguishing”.
* Fire retardant PC (Polycarbonate) material is adopted by Stellar Mark’s safety shield to ensure user’s safety.* Safety interlock is designed to ensure that laser is working only when the safety door is closed.Fire Retardent Safety Door
Compatibility : StellarMark Series

Mounting Platform

Stellar Mark marking system can be fastened to a rigid mounting structure and to ensure the marking system and adjustable Z-axis table are parallel to each other for quality jobs.
Mounting Platform
Compatibility : StellarMark Series

Adjustable Z-Axis Mounting Table

Adjust the marking surface as required to ensure that it is parallel to the Stellar Mark focusing lens mount.

Compatibility : StellarMark Series