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Buyers Guide

How do our C02 Lasers work?

When considering wattage, several factors come into play. These primary considerations are materials, production and cutting needs. Acrylic, engraving plastic, granite, glass and coated laser engraving metals can generally be engraved at full speed on a 30 watt Explorer. Wood, rubber, cermark- or cerdec-coated metals, marble and the like can all be engraved on a 30 watt with virtually identical results as that of a 100 watt laser. However, a more powerful laser will be faster, thus yielding higher production as the wattage increases. In addition, a more powerful laser can cut thicker materials, as well as provide better edge quality in most materials over 1/4 inch thick. LaserPro CO2 laser engravers and laser cutters make wood engraving, plastic engraving, metal engraving; stone engraving easier then you ever felt possible.

Co2 Lasers, in the wattage used in our industry, can’t cut metal, glass, or stone. The Explorer 30 watt can cut up to ½”Acrylic in a single pass. Our 100 watt can cut 1” acrylic in a single pass. Co2 Lasers can cut most plastics, acrylics, wood, cork, rubber, paper, fabric and other synthetic and fibrous materials. They will print on most materials with few exceptions and cut many as well. They must not be used for engraving or cutting PVC materials, as they are toxic to you as well as the equipment. Your salesman will be more then happy to help you select the proper size and wattage for your needs. Unique materials should be tested by your sales representative for effectiveness.